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Roaring Elegance: Woodcarve Smile Tiger Wood Doorstop & Ornaments

Roaring Elegance: Woodcarve Smile Tiger Wood Doorstop & Ornaments

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Product Description:
Unleash the playful charm of our Wood Carve Smile Tiger – a hand-carved masterpiece in bass-wood. This charismatic tiger boasts a friendly grin, adding a touch of whimsy to any space. With intricate detailing, this piece celebrates the wild with a dash of warmth.

Introduce a touch of the wild into your living space with our Wood Doorstop featuring a Woodcarve Smile Tiger Ornament. Also crafted from quality bass-wood, this doorstop not only serves its practical purpose with unwavering strength but also adds a playful and charismatic flair to your home. The intricately carved Smile Tiger ornament brings the untamed spirit of the jungle to your doorstep.

Some Details For You:
Doorstop Base Size: L12*W3*H2 cm
Net Weight: 40g
Tiger Size: L2.5*W3.5*H5 cm
Net Weight: 7g
Packing: Carton Box

Product Story:
Our Wood Carve Smile Tiger is born from the wild, yet it carries a friendly demeanor that transcends its untamed nature. Crafted by skilled hands, this tiger is a reminder that strength can coexist with a playful spirit. Embrace the wild side with a smile.

In the heart of our artisan workshop, where craftsmanship meets imagination, the idea for our Wood Doorstop with Woodcarve Smile Tiger Ornament came to life. Inspired by the strength and allure of the jungle, our skilled artisans sought to infuse the doorstop with the untamed charm of a smiling tiger.

The Woodcarve Smile Tiger ornament is a tribute to the wild spirit that roams the dense foliage. Each meticulously carved detail captures the essence of a tiger's playful grin, a reminder that even in the midst of strength, there is room for joy and charisma.

As you position this doorstop, envision the doors it will steadfastly support, the spaces it will connect, and the stories it will silently witness. Our Wood Doorstop with Woodcarve Smile Tiger Ornament is more than a functional accessory; it's a conversation starter, a piece of art that brings a touch of the jungle's magic into your everyday life.

Let this doorstop be a symbol of strength and playfulness, an homage to the untamed beauty of nature. Embrace the charismatic spirit of our Smile Tiger Ornament, and let it guard your doorway with a captivating wildness.

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